Ziggarice is a duo that consists of Ziggavoy and Stickyricekillah. Providing a vintage sound with a modern twist, the two have become a staple and a breath of fresh air in the Thai hip-hop scene both as a group and individually.

Formed in 2016, Ziggavoy and Stickyricekillah came together as a duo after collaborating and discovering that they shared a common interest in music. Both are influenced by artists like J Dilla, Juice World, J-Cole, and John Mayer.

Since signing with Def Jam Thailand as a duo, Ziggarice has been involved in multiple songs such as “Thai School”, with legal mates Daboyway and Artrilla. In 2021, they released “STUCK”, with one of Thailand’s biggest stars, Mayo, and propelled their names to the mainstream airwaves.


• Ziggarice has opened up for Anderson.Paak, Blood Orange and has played at NVSC Fest and Rap is Now Concert.

• Thai School” by Daboyway, Ziggarice and Artrilla has garnered over 800k vies on YouTube and ‘Stuck’ has been streamed over 400k times within the first 3 weeks of release.