VVS Collective is a group consisting of rappers King Promdi, Gabrang, Tommy The Sauce, and Max Dylan. Known for their brash lyrics and new school hip-hop productions, the collective first entered the mainstream eyes when their single “Walwal”, went viral with more than 21 million views on YouTube and fans worldwide started participating in their #Walwalchallenge. From there, the collective would go on to release tracks such as “Alon”, “Shot Shot”, and “Follow Me”, all of which were well received by fans and media alike.

The group’s members are now working on their projects respectively but have also featured collective members in their new solo tracks. King Promdi was the first of the crew to drop a series of singles and even released an EP titled My Emo Chick in 2020. He has also featured label mate J-Nine on the single “GG” and VVS Collective member Gabrang on “Gangx2″. Gabrang also released a solo project of his own, with his single “She Loves Me Not”, in February 2021.

VVS Collective was recently featured in Def Jam Philippines’ historic REKOGNIZE project, which gathered over 120+ artists and 14 of the top Filipino producers to release a 4 star-studded EP.

• 164,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

• Their single, “Walwal”, has more than 21 million views on YouTube and 18 million streams on Spotify.

•“Shot Shot”, has more than 1.7 million views on YouTube and 2 million streams on Spotify.

•“Alon”, has more than 1 million streams on Spotify and 149k views on YouTube.

• Performed at the Province of Rizal for MCA’s ‘Walwalan Tour’.