Born and bred in Bangkok City, rapper Tarvethz, is well-known for his infectious, deep raspy voice, and bilingual lyrics. His use of language, vocal cadence, and unapologetic rawness, sets him apart from the pack.

As a child, the Bangkok native experimented with different genres of music. He eventually fell madly in love with hip-hop at the age of 15 and decided to make a career out of it a year later. In the 8th grade, he came up with his moniker ‘Tarvethz’, when trying to decide on an account name for Instagram. Liking how it sounded, he decided to run with it as his rap name and has been known as Tarvethz ever since.

Over the past 3 years, Tarvethz has made a name for himself in the Thai hip-hop scene by collaborating with artists such as Khun Oc on the EP, Paralysis and Wifi Gang on their album, Stay Connected. It wasn’t until he released his single “See Ya Later”, that his music and name began to take off. “See Ya Later” resonated with the Thai crowd and is considered by listeners, his first hit song. Tarvethz has since released singles such as “AMG”, “Been Broke” with Def Jam Thailand label mate Artrilla, and most recently, “Go Hok” with one of Thailand’s biggest artists, RachYo.