After approximately a decade in the music business, Rayi Putra, a member of the Indonesian music group RAN is in his own right a music producer, musician, songwriter and artist.

Over time, Rayi has worked independently outside of RAN, featuring and writing songs with countless artists across various genres. And after so many years, Rayi Putra finally releases his passion project ‘The Introduction’ which includes his most recent hit single, ‘Pretty Girl’.

Outside of music, Rayi Putra is a renowned public figure having starred in several comedy films, and guest starred on various comedic skits, sports and social-environment programs.


• His single Malam Penuh Cinta has over 40 million views on YouTube

• RAN/ Favourite Duo Group – Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards

• RAN / Rookie Of The Year

• TGI Friday / Best R&B Production Work – Indonesian Kids Choice Awards

• Dekat Di Hati / Hits of The Year – Rolling Stone

• RAN / Album of The Year – Indonesian Music Awards

• Kulari Ke Pantai / Pencipta Lagu Tema Terbaik – PIala Citra FFI

• Nominated, AMI Best Rap/Hip-Hop Production Work – Apa Kabar? (2020)

• Nominated, AMI Best Group/Dance Collaboration (RAN) – Ain’t Gonna Give Up with Ramengvrl

• Nominated, AMI Best Pop Duo/Group (RAN) – Saling Merindu