MukaRakat was formed in 2017. What started as a collaboration project, MukaRakat was initially made up of 8 members. With time, the numbers dwindled to 5 permanent members in 2018: Lipooz, DirtyRazkal, D’Flow, I’m Rapholic, and Dj GeraMar.

With the roster in place, they would spend the next few years honing their collective sound; a mix of old and new school hip-hop. Though each member of the group adopts different styles, over time they have carved out a unique personality they can call their own. MukaRakat has since progressed from stride to stride, earning a growing fanbase in Indonesia for their distinctive flows and personalities.

Known to effortlessly incorporate Indonesian culture and traditions into their music and visuals, MukaRakat continues to pave a lane of their own and will stop at nothing to put their country on the map. In 2 years, MukaRakat has released a total of 9 singles, all of which have become future classics in their own right.

• The music video for the single “Rompes”, reached over a million views on YouTube in a week.

• Have done countless shows across Indonesia.

• Was nominated for 4 awards at Anugerah Musik Bali (AMB) in 2021 for: Best Music Production, Best Records, Best Hip-Hop Production, and Best Group.