Fariz Jabba is a 22-year-old bilingual rapper hailing from Geylang Serai, Singapore. Beyond his bilingual flow, Jabba’s rap is an amalgamate of both Malay and western pop culture that is widely appreciated in Singapore.

Fariz Jabba started his career by posting home videos of short raps and remixes that went viral on social media, trending the Jabba name in Singapore and Malaysia within months of his first upload. Apart from rapping, this versatile and multi-talented superstar is exceptionally proficient in Beatboxing, Singing and Breakdancing.


• Discovered on Twitter which led to an appearance on the 16 Baris cypher show.

• Has released two hit singles, Ape Sia and Masa which has resulted in a growing fanbase in both Singapore and Malaysia.

•His latest single Masa is currently on heavy rotation in Malaysia.