Born and hails from Suratthani, Thailand, Atrilla’s interest in hip-hop blossomed at a young age. His interests as a teenager also included a contrasting fascination for Winnie The Pooh, thus introducing himself to the world as ‘Piglet’ at 16 years old.

Once he started making his own music and becoming more active in the local scene, he furthered his musical experience on Thai Rap TV Season 2, where he gained more attention and changed his name to the current moniker ‘Artrilla’. It wasn’t until another rap competition, Rap is Now Season 2, that Artrilla was truly shoved into the limelight.

Following the show’s success and popularity, he would be re-invited to join the cast for seasons 3 and 4, propelling his name to even greater heights and identifying opportunities for creativity. It was on the same TV show that his eventual mentor, top Thai producer Sixky, spotted him. Artrilla was then put through his paces and gradually molded into what he is today: A LONEBADASS BOY.