Highschool friends Vincent, Harris, Cedric, Joesel, and Emmanuel (now more popularly known as PRAY, R!S, cXy, Supboi K, and Juan-E, respectively) often got together to enjoy music. Their love for Hip-Hop and R&B led the five friends to form a group in 2018. They called themselves 8 BALLIN’; ‘8’ came from PRAY’s birth date, July 8th, while ‘Ballin’’ is inspired by their favorite radio producer at that time, Metro Boomin. A year later, Albert, Jimm, Paolo, John, and Kurt (more known as Schumi, Ya’akov, ego, Lvx, and TEEN, respectively) joined the group when they met during senior high school. That time, these ten friends enjoyed their days making music, not realizing that they were creating something for the future.

It was August 2020 when Def Jam Philippines discovered the group’s genius after spotting them on YouTube. After several discussions, fast forward to June 2021, 8 BALLIN’ has released their now-signature track, KNOW ME. With 7 million views in just one week since its release, the music video went viral because of its earworm lyrics and beat.

8 BALLIN’s sound is heavily inspired by hip-hop groups they look up to. Locally, they are big music heads for Ex-Battalion, 727 Clique, and Bawal Clan. Another influence driver for the group is music from international artists like Wu-Tang Clan, BROCKHAMPTON, Beast Coast, and YSL.

With exceptional rap and song writing skills, 8 BALLIN’ has the potential to be the next Ex-Battalion. Fans love their youthful and cool personalities that reflect in the creative energy they input into their songs. But what sets 8 BALLIN’ apart from other hip-hop groups is their strong friendship.